Love Your Food

Where are your New Year's Resolutions?

NEW: Where are your New Year's resolutions now?

Many of us make resolutions regarding losing weight, quitting smoking and other sorts of self-improvement, yet a small 17% of those who resolve stay on-track through-out the year. Here are some pertinent pointers to keep yourself on target and in touch with your resolutions year-round... (read more)

Why Love Your Food®?

Weight loss without dieting - a pleasurable, permanent program allowing you to eat all of your favorite foods. No pills, no supplements, no packaged foods.

You've probably tried everything diets, dieting books, supplements, exercise machines and programs, perhaps even thought of gastric bypass surgery and now you're searching the Net for better ways of weight loss and control.

This approach is better.

Why? Because it means learning how to be there in the moment, "Love Your Food®", satisfy your hunger and stop just at the point of ultimate satisfaction, without ever feeling overly full. If you chose to embrace this approach eventually you will find this is not only possible, but far more pleasurable than the way you've been eating and living until now.

Should we work together, I will teach you specific skills for eating all the foods you enjoy without overeating, and will help you create a personalized plan for coping with stress effectively away from the table and from food.

Does this sound too good to be true? I don't blame you for feeling cynical, because whenever anyone promises you anything that's quick and easy regarding weight loss or control, beware! But if you're willing to work together with me and learn to "savor" successes that are small, slow, and steady, you'll be on your way to weight control that's not only pleasurable, but permanent.

Have you lost weight and gained weight and lost weight and gained weight when you went on and off and on and off? - The Atkins Nutritional Approach®, Nutrisystem®, The South Beach DietTM, eDiets®, Jenny Craig®, WeightWatchers® and SlimFast®.

Even worse than losing and then regaining all or more of the weight, is losing your confidence in helping yourself. But you are not a failure; you merely lack the psychological techniques that will help you to get and stay slim, whether you chose to follow a dieting program or not!

There are no pills, no strict calorie counting and no forbidden foods!
You've probably tried everything on the market and know by now that diets don't work long-term nor do many other programs that are currently available. If you're tired of pain, but not afraid to work towards change, the "pleasure prescription" may well be the plan for you. If you're practically checking your watch to count the minutes until the latest diet you're trying is over, it's time to look for a way of eating and living that will be so pleasurable you'll want it to be permanent!
Clients are coached in new techniques for enjoying their food...
You'll be coached to learn new skills to make eating more fun and to add fun to your life in other ways as well. "No pain, no gain - nor loss" has been the philosophy of too many weight control programs to date. By minimizing stress and maximizing enjoyment the goal of "Love Your Food®" is to make healthy habits not only happen, but be fun!